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November 30, 2015, 5:31:09 am, America/Chicago

How Satellite Internet Dealer Works

How Satellite Internet Dealer Works

Delineating Key Aspects Relating To Satellite Internet Service

Everything changes over time. Technology is no exemption to this. In fact, technology is among those things that changes at a very fast rate. What we had earlier may not be that applicable today. The changes that took place or are yet to occur, impact our life style, the way we communicate as well as the way we access data through various media. The satellite internet service is a relatively new type of service that is gaining popularity for various reasons.

Since the 1960's, it has gone through major overhauls, becoming commercially available in the 1980's. Some of us might remember using the dial-up connection, which is the form in which internet was commercially available earlier. In such a case one will surely remember how slow it was, especially when compared to what we have now.

The dial-up connection ran at a speed that could be considered as fast for that time, but it was left far behind by all its successors. Many technologies developed over time which changed speeds radically. From dial-up connection to Digital Subscriber Line (known as DSL), broadband connection, cable connection and eventually satellite connections.

It makes use of the LEO satellite to provide the service to users across the world. The data speed offered by this technology is higher but it does not cover all the areas in the world. Its position is such that the signals cannot reach every part of the world.

The speed of downloading data with this service on average varies from 1 Mbps to as high as 1 Gbps. This roughly comes around 4000 times faster than dial-up connections, the average speed of which is 256 Kbps maximum. As far as download speed is concerned, the satellite service averages an extraordinary 10 Mbps. These speeds were once deemed impossible, but now we get to experience it directly. These changes, and the way data is transferred at fast speeds, are proof of the pace at which our technology evolves.

This type of connection is used in homes and for business networks too. It is also very commonly used for broadcasting (pay-per-view) and military. Using these fast speeds makes downloading large files an easy task which takes just a few minutes not hours anymore.

This technology suffers the disadvantage of latency though. Latency is explained as the difference in time between requesting data and receiving a response. The main reason for latency is the fact that a long distance needs to be travelled to the satellite by the signal and then the same distance again returning back to earth.

Overall, the speed by which we access the data online has been improved by use of satellite internet service. Still this technology is new and is awaiting improvements to minimize its drawbacks. But as of now, we can assume that this type of internet will end up becoming a dominant internet connection used across the world. Large scale efforts are on to reduce its drawbacks, and improve its efficacy. In a couple of years, it will completely replace the existing Internet connection technologies.

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